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Subject:   applets with advantages over the physical tool
Author: George
Date: Feb 3 2004
Suzanne and Rosa and all,
It's interesting to me that some applets have advantages over the physical
tools. Spinners don't stick, balances aren't as quirky.
Sketchpad eliminates the errors in construction tools.
Are there examples where the hands-on is better than the online?

I'm thinking items like unifix cubes where the tactile experience is part of the
learning process.

On Feb 03, 2004, Suzanne Alejandre wrote:

Hi Rosas,

The paper spinners that I used with my middle school students often "stuck" and
didn't spin as freely as the applet does:

I'm thinking that perhaps with younger students the coordination to get a
spinner to really spin freely might be physically challenging and using this
applet could help there, too.


On Feb 02, 2004, Rosas wrote:

I think one of the nice things about using this spinner is that teachers can
easily manipulate it. Teachers can remove and add colors to change the
probability. This will hopefully save time on the side of teachers. Are there
any other advantages for students in using this spinner?

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