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Topic: Numberline subtraction
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Subject:   Feedback on Number Line Arithmetic: Subtraction
Author: Joel Duffin
Date: Feb 4 2004
On Feb 03, 2004, Kathy wrote:

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I am trying this site for the first time as a second grade teacher.  I went to
try out this activity myself and see two major concerns:
1.  The speed is so fast that it's difficult to follow
2. Although the number being subtracted is in red with an arrow the line enters
from the left as though it is being added and then rapidly goes back in one leap
to the answer.
I see this as quite confusing to children needing this low of a math level in
2nd grade.  Maybe I'm just nuts but I hesitate to waste time looking at
different topics.

Hi Kathy,

Your feedback is much appreciated. I think it makes a lot of sense. My first
response to this applet is that it is lousy. My hope is that you don't think it
is representative of everything in the Math Tools DL and that you take the
opportunity to look at some others.

I'm not the developer who created the mathlet, but I can and am willing to
modify it to better meet your needs if you are interested. One way I think it
could be improved is instead of bringing in and dropping the arrows, animate
them growing from the point where they start (at a speed that makes them easier
to follow). Do you have other ideas? On the other hand, this mathlet may not be
worth using as a starting point. Let me know what you think.

You might also consider looking at some other number line tools. For

Number Line Bounce

Number Line Bars


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