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Topic: optical illusions
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Subject:   Optical illusions
Author: Sione
Date: Feb 5 2004
>On Jan 06, 2004, ? wrote:

>How does optical illusions relate to math?

I think your question should be directed to a Physics newsgroup.

Optics is a branch of Physics. You should enroll in
a Physics stage 2 (second year) University level paper in Optics (Specifically
"Geometrical Optics" ) .You can learn more about the applications of advanced
Maths in modeling optical instrumentation and equipments if you enroll in such
paper. There is introduction at stage 1 (first year) to the subject, where you
learn about concepts as "Reflection" , "Refraction" , "Transmisivity" (% of
light reflected from a surface compared to % transmitted), "Material Index"
(relative speed of light thru a specific material in comparison to  vacuum
speed), and so on , ... . You will step up from this paper to the field of
Opto-Electronics (this field is the marrying of Optics & Digital Electronics).
This is one of the fastest area of technology that is emerging today. An example
is your computer has a laser that reads and writes bits of information to your
hard drive. The laser is mostly "Germanium" doped laser(a semi-metal - look it
up in the periodic table). There are tiny mirrors for the laser in the computer
to be able to reflect beams when it reads and writes from the hard drive. This
is the design of "Opto-Electronic" engineers. I used to work in the area of
opto-electronics before converting to a career in software development.

To sum it up, optical illusions is a manifestations of different properties of
light and can be achieved by applying those principles mentioned above. The
mathematics can be quite complex as you proceed through Physics at University
level. To mention a few : you need to know the mathematics of Fourier Series,
Taylor Series, Geometry , Differential Equations, Multi-Variable Calculus,
Complex Numbers and more...


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