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Topic: Bland Altman Plot

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Subject:   Bland Altman plot
Author: Martin Bland
Date: Feb 6 2004
On Sep 12, 2003, Pet Tan wrote:

Dear All,
I would like to ask for information about the bland altman plot. I am not a math
person so I am not familiar with it. I want to compare the results obtained from
different sets of duplicate samples BUT using two different collecting/storage
tubes (tubes 1 and 2). I was told that using mean, SD and %CV is not the right
way to determine the suitability for using tube 2 to subsitute tube 1 but that
using the Bland Altman Plot is the appropriate way to do it. Could anyone please
explain the principle behind this type of plot and how am I going to interprete
it? I thank you in advance for any comments/advice that you can give me.

Best wishes!

You can find out lots about this in our 1986 Lancet paper, vol i, pages
307-310.  The full paper and much more on the topic of measurement studies in
medicine is on my web site:

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