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Subject:   (no subject)
Author: Cynthia Lanius
Date: Feb 10 2004
Hi Janette,
At first I was just responding to a mail, but then  I went back and played the
game. Yes, it was frustrating at first, and the kind of frustration that I don't
like, that I'm not learning anything from playing, no closer to figuring out a
strategy, still just guessing. But then I kept playing and saw a strategy which
really worked, and then it became really fun. I think middle school students
would work to figure it out. I'm trying to give you a tiny hint on what strategy
that I saw to do, without giving you so much information that it would spoil it
for you to see on your own. The way that I looked at it was this: If 1.3 was in
the circle, then two numbers that had to combine to give 1.7 would go in the
other spaces...

What I learned from this was that an activity that I was set on not liking
turned out to be one that I really liked after all.


On Feb 08, 2004, Jeanette E. Horng wrote:  

This game is called Circle 3.

The objective is simple, sure.  But...ever since I opened this game, I haven't
been able to successfully play it!  I got to the point where all but one adds up
to 3, but that is it.  So I started to think if there was some type of method
that one should use in order to conquer this game; however, I haven't thought of
it yet.  What grade level is this for?  I tried sending this website to other
friends and they got frustrated quite quickly.

I thought this would be a simple activity to help kids with adding decimals, but
I'm wondering how patient students will be with it.

Just a thought.


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