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Topic: attribute blocks
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Subject:   Re: attribute blocks
Author: Suzanne
Date: Feb 10 2004
Hi Rosa,

I think for young children having an attribute applet that doesn't have any
restrictions is a good idea so that they could freely explore size, shape, and
color. In fact, I asked Joel Duffin if he could make such an applet and he has!
It's not in quite in place yet but it will be soon. I asked him to make it
because Varnelle Moore and I are working on a new unit to add to her Primary
Math Activities. We hope to have them finished in a few weeks and I'll let you
know when they're ready for viewing.


On Feb 10, 2004, rosa wrote:

I really enjoyed playing these blocks because it made me think. However, I was
wondering if there would be a way for the students to manipulate the blocks.
Would students benefit and/or would it be most helpful for students to build
their group of blocks that they believe to be similiar?

I also think the message "try again" came up too many times. Would be better for
students to run out of tries? When I got tried, I would just click on "new game"
to see what would happen. The old game would disappear.

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