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Topic: attribute blocks
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Subject:   Attribute blocks
Author: Cynthia Lanius
Date: Feb 10 2004
Hello all,
I liked many of the features of the applet. I like it that it doesn't have any
restrictions, but I felt there wasn't enough direction to know what to do.
(Especially for someone who isn't used to working with attribute blocks) For
example, it would have helped if it said something like "Figure out the rule
that we are using to move blocks from the outside to the inside" or something
like that.


 On Feb 10, 2004, Suzanne wrote:

Hi  Rosa,

I think for young children having an attribute applet that doesn't have any
restrictions is a good idea so that they could freely explore size, shape, and
color. In fact, I asked Joel Duffin if he could make such an applet and he has!
It's not in quite in place yet but it will be soon. I asked him to make it
because Varnelle Moore and I are working on a new unit to add to her Primary
Math Activities. We hope to have them finished in a few weeks and I'll let you
know when they're ready for viewing.


On Feb 10, 2004, rosa wrote:

I really enjoyed playing these blocks because it made me think. However, I was
wondering if there would be a way for the students to manipulate the blocks.
Would students benefit and/or would it be most helpful for students to build
their group of blocks that they believe to be similiar?

I also think the message "try again" came up too many times. Would be better for
students to run out of tries? When I got tried, I would just click on "new game"
to see what would happen. The old game would disappear.

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