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Topic: Re: Circle 3
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Subject:   Re: Circle 3
Author: Michael McKelvey
Date: Feb 11 2004
Cynthia & Julee,

   I just spent a while playing with the applet, and it appears to me that the
developers made an oversight when creating this applet.  Instead of checking
whether the three numbers in a circle sum to 3, it checks whether the three
numbers sum to *at least* 3.  There is a very big difference here.  Try putting
3 numbers in a circle which sum to > 3, and you'll see that the circle gets
highlighted.  I tried combinations on Julee's specific puzzle, and by my logic
saw no other possible solutions besides the one she gave, so it appears that the
0.8 is indeed a mistake.  I feel fairly confident in saying that there's not
some other solution which uses all of the pieces correctly--the applet
creator(s) just made a mistake.


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