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Topic: Directable Fire!! Tool
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Subject:   more probability/chaos simulations
Author: Bethany Hudnutt
Date: Feb 12 2004
Hello Julie! I am the manager of Interactivate, the project which the activity
you mention is contained within.  If you enjoy Directable Fire, there is
actually a more simplistic version, Fire!! at

Interactivate actually has many such simulations, Rabbits and Wolves is another
popular one along these lines: which simulates a dynamic
preditor/prey environment of grass, rabbits and wolves.

On Feb 08, 2004, Julee wrote:

Now I see how so many people end up sending a message with nothing in it because
I just did it.  

I wanted to direct you to the A Better Fire!! tool if you wanted to compare them
for yourself. #

The interactions here are based more on reality than on exploring how
probabilities affect outcomes.

Julee Lee

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