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Topic: Fraction Pointer
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Subject:   Fraction Pointer
Author: MikeE
Date: Feb 14 2004

What I really appreciate about this applet is the reenforcement of partitions.
I'm finding more and more that students in upper elementary have little
understanding that fractional division is built upon same-sized pieces.

The use of square and circular pieces makes it easier to place the problem in a
nicer frame of reference (at times it is easier to view a problem in a
particular shape).

This is one of the most effective uses of a number line that I've seen in
reference to fractions.  The applet is user-friendly.

It would be nice to have a tally feature that would allow students to keep track
of their responses.  For instance, if one endpoint is 3/8 and the second is 7/9
and the student comes up with 3/4 as an answer, a summary program would print
out the two endpoints and the fraction between the endpoints.

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