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Topic: attribute blocks
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Subject:   Re: attribute blocks
Author: Suzanne
Date: Feb 17 2004
Hi Rosa,

Actually what I should have said was that the Attribute Blocks applet has a
constraint that I preferred not to have. The "restriction" or constraint is that
the students are presented with a "problem."

What I asked Joel to create is something similar to the Pattern Block

Having the students able to choose size, color and shape without having a
"problem" presented just works better with the ideas that Varnelle and I are
developing in her new unit.

An example of one of the activities is that students will sort, classify, and
order attribute blocks by size, number and shape. The students start the
activity just manipulating the blocks (selecting them from the palette and
moving them in the drawing area). The prompts from the teacher after preliminary
exploration can then have the students concentrate on any of the attributes. For
example, using the blocks that they have in the drawing area, students move all
the red to one corner, blue to another, etc. The possiblities parallel what you
would do in the classroom when all you have is a bucket of attribute blocks and
the surface of a table. That's why we wanted the "plain" version.



On Feb 16, 2004, Rosa wrote:

Dear Suzanne,

Can you tell me a little of what you mean when you say restriction? I got the
impression that attribute blocks were restricted in the sense that the students
could not build their groups of blocks that were similiar. In other words, the
computer put a group of blocks together and the student had to figure out how
the blocks were similiar. I thought the students grouping the blocks together
and having them try to decide how the blocks are  similiar might better.  

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