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Subject:   (no subject)
Author: Eric Goolish
Date: Feb 22 2004
Algebra Tiles: Multiplying Binomials

As a preservice teacher, many articles I read as an undergraduate encourage the
use of algebra tiles.  As a result, I found this tool to discover the 'hidden
secrets' behind algebra tiles.  Although I am unexperienced in their use, I
found this applet to be perfect.  While I was playing with the algebra tiles, I
imagined that this applet could be very effective for a student.  The applet
does great in providing lesson plans, activities, instructions, and a reference
to the standards.  The only question I had regarding this applet was if this is
any better than using real algebra tiles.  Besides the easy of using a computer,
I could not see a circumstance where this applet is better for students than
using the real tiles themselves.  Regardless, if computers were avaliable, then
I could see this as being a helpful tool.  Just some thoughts...

University of Illinois - Mathematics Secondary Education

Office of Mathematics, Science, and Technology Education -

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