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Topic: Slidebar grapher
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Subject:   Slidebar grapher
Author: Kilroy
Date: Mar 2 2004

All right. Initially: not so impressed with this tool. "Oh, this is just another
graphing calculator program." Then I started to fiddle with it.

Things that are not immediately obvious from the front page:
1) Multiple functions are supported at the same time (in multiple colors)
2) With multiple variable constants
3) e, pi, cos, sin, tan, cotan, cosec, sec are all supported, with cos^2 and the
4) You can zoom in on sections of the graph by clicking and dragging to form the
new window

Now I have a healthy respect for this tool's flexibility and utility. The key
here is the slidebars for a, b, and c: you can plug in y=b cos (ax+c) and mess
with all of them and see how your graph changes in real time ("Oh, you mean that
number controls how high the cosine gets! I can see that now!"). Even better,
you can do this for ALL the basic functions, from powers to trig to
exponentials. And the possibilities for doing this with, say, cos and sin on the
same graph--where you can see that messing with the constants does the exact
same thing for both--are staggering.

In short, thumbs up.

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