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Topic: Pascal's Triangle
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Subject:   RE: Pascal
Author: jon
Date: Mar 3 2004
I was actually looking at the USU websites version of the applet, but yours is
pretty good too.

A few things:

- I liked the Zoom in/Zoom out feature and the binomial coeffiecent features of
the USU site... might be something you want to integrate into yours.

-You might want to increase the number of rows beyond 16.

-But I did like the way you give hints to how many multiples of a certain
number are left.  It makes the applet more engaging with students.  

-I think if you increased the text font in the space where you had "Correct! X
is divisble by Y ... " that'd be good.  I think it gets overlooked.  

-Also, as far as integrating the questions into the applet, perhaps add a
sidebar where you can click on different questions.  Then with each question you
click on it would guide you in the same way the coloring of multiples with the
"Correct! X is divisble by Y ... "

-A question that could challenge even undergraduate students, is finding if
there is a connection between the primes and the respective binomial

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