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Topic: complex line integration

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Subject:   RE: complex line integration
Author: Sione
Date: Mar 7 2004
Your question is a bit unclear , but I will try and see if I can understand.

- If you can answer the following question for me, then perhaps, I will have
some idea of where your question is coming from, and may be I can respond next

Why are you applying double integral on a ONE-Dimensional function such as a
straight line? You only do double integral (2-dimensional space) if you have a
function in 2 variables. Straight line is a function is one-dimensional space,
and therefore use single integral rather than double. This concept can be
extended to n-dimensional space. You can have 3, 4, 5, 6, ... , nth integral.
This sort of integrals you usually find in Physics and Engineering problems,
such as "Continuum Mechanics" , that is fluid mechanics. You usually encounter
problems to solve with 4, 5 or 6 integrals. The usual method of solving is SOR
(Succesive Over Relaxation) and QUAD (Quadrature).


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