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Topic: realities in school?

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Subject:   RE: realities in school?
Author: jpd
Date: Mar 9 2004
EEEK! The sad reality in most schools is that the "Tech Guys" generally keep an
iron grip on the installation of programs.  This can be worthwile in cases of
legality (most schools can't afford to fight thunderous lawsuits led by Msoft or
Adobe or whatever else gets pirated).  However, some teachers express dismay
after going through the whole ordeal of researching/purchasing software and
attempting to install it on their machine - even just for demo purposes - and
finding the process very arduous/if not impossible.  Even "free" software or
site licensed software is generally difficult to get outta the tech room
cabinets.  I was fortunate in that I was friends with the tech guys and they let
*me* run my tech-enabled classroom.  As long as I did it LEGALLY.   It did
make my job more tech-heavy as I was checking for viruses doing updates,
etc... Speaking of which,  Many schools are jumping on the "Ghost" bandwagon
which makes it easier for the tech guys or whomever to fire a piece of software
out to a series of machines so that site-licenses and updates are more
effectively istalled.  As a teacher, I would take the time to install stuff, as
I have the knowhow and desire to do so.

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