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Topic: realities in school?

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Subject:   RE: realities in school?
Author: Dan
Date: Mar 9 2004
Suzanne -
I've worked in our school's technology infrastructure team and have some
info/opinions to share on this question. We don't allow users (either faculty or
students) to install anything onto the campus computers. (Laptops have a
different set of rules.) The reasons are primarily network security and network

Most school districts and campuses have substantial computer networks, with a
mission-critical requirement to keep the network operating 24x7, not to
mention the large investment in hardware, and software. In any campus with a
network maintained by professionals, it's likely that software installation will
be regulated closely by the network administrators. The reasons for this are
primarily security and maintainability of the individual workstations on the

On a campus with hundreds or perhaps thousands of workstations, network
maintenance costs are substantial, and the group charged with that task will be
very keen to limit the number of unique workstation configurations. This allows
them to automate the process of software maintenance (updates, bug-fixes, etc)
and even completely re-configure computers remotely.

Security from hacking and virus intrusion is another reason most campuses will
restrict the installation rights of users.

So all this is a very long-winded way of saying that on-campus computer
labs, in general, will not be places where one can or should experiment with
software, especially development-stage applications that may be unstable.

My $0.02... actually more like $0.25 I guess...

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