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Topic: Annoying peg logic...
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Subject:   Annoying peg logic...
Author: Kilroy
Date: Mar 9 2004

God I hate these kinds of puzzles-- I can't put them down until I've solved

This is basically the same thing as the Towers of Hanoi, and a close relative of
the Hispaniola water shortage problem. It's a way to get kids to think in
algorithms. Unfortunately, I can't actually NOTATE my algorithm within the
applet itself-- I ended up writing notes to myself on a piece of paper.

As has (I think) been commented on the other similar puzzles, a move-tracker
would be really, really helpful here: something that tells you what moves you've
made in an easy-to-read sidebar. Even a "take back last move" button would
be extremely useful-- that way a kid doesn't have to trace through every
single step again to try and finish the eight-peg problem when he or she gets
it wrong.

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