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Topic: Angles
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Subject:   RE: Angles
Author: Susan
Date: Mar 9 2004
I had problems trying to figure out how to tell when the angles were right
angles, and when they were obtuse or acute when the transversal was almost
vertical, and kept missing questions.  How would you use this as an assessment,
since every student would have different problems?  

On Mar 09, 2004, Jeanette E. Horng wrote:

This tool reminds me of a time I was observing in a middle school.  They
reviewed different terms that were related to angles created by parallel lines
and transversals.

After introducing these vocabulary words, I think this tool could serve as some
type of assessment in their understanding of the new terminology.

As an activity, the teacher I observed this past fall used a game to actively
engage the students in learning what complementary and supplementary angles are.
I think this type of activity can do the same, except for different vocabulary


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