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Topic: Angles
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Subject:   RE: Angles
Author: Jeanette E. Horng
Date: Mar 11 2004

You bring up such a good point!  I hadn't realized what you were asking until I
kept trying more and more instances.  I finally got to the "almost right" angle
instance that you mentioned.

I suppose this may not be as good an assessment as I had previously hoped.  It
may place too much emphasis on visually seeing obtuse/acute/right angles.

However, when I saw a picture that was very close to right angles, I noticed
that the line was not perfectly straight.  This program draws the line with
smaller off-set fragments when it is not a straight line, as you may or may
not have noticed.  I utilized this to guess whether or not certain angles were
obtuse or acute.

That may have confused you more...What does everybody else think that could help
this tool out?


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