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Topic: realities in school?

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Subject:   RE: realities in school?
Author: Bethany
Date: Mar 12 2004
Excellent question Suzanne and indeed this is a HUGE issue.  Most school systems
I've worked in do not allow software installations by non-system

Viruses are rampant.  Keeping machines up-to date and configured similarly is
also important so when one goes to teach in a lab situation, all computers
operate in the same manner and files are located in the same place.

All too often (and this is in most businesses too, not just school) there is a
bit of antagonism between the users and the sysadmin team due to configurations.
I was just in a school where even the print function was locked down for student

Its a VERY important point that teachers try and communicate with sysadmins and
vice versa so they understand each others needs and positions.  

The best implementations is when the district can hire Educational Technologists
- people who are trained in both education and understand system administration.
Unfortunately many districts will carve out a budget for purchasing the hardware
but not consider the amount that needs to be placed into support.

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