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Topic: realities in school?

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Subject:   RE: realities in school?
Author: Tom Battel
Date: Mar 13 2004
Hi Suzanne.  
I am at a middle school in a medium size district (Colton CJUSD in southern
California).  We have a networked lab of 30 computers running windows 2000,
about 2 years old.  We can print to two network printers in the room.  We have
access to the internet on each computer.  In fact we call it our
<u>internet</u> lab.  

 Each computer has a product on it called <i>Deep Freeze</i> which allows
us to not worry about whether a student changes settings on the computer because
when the computer is restarted, all settings return to their default state. A
space on the C-drive has been created on each computer where students can save
work if we want them to do so.  Otherwise each computer is started up in its
default state.

There is a firewall operated by the county that prevents us from using certain
sites.  This is a blessing really, because it blocks most pornographic and hate
sites.   But it also blocks many other sites or pages that someone has felt has
no educational value. If we have a reason for using a blocked site, we can
request that it be unblocked for a specific period of time and they will do
that.  The process usually takes about 5 working days. because it goes through
several administrative layers.

Periodically, we request the IT people to update the free internet software like
Flash, QuickTime, the OS, etc.  We also have asked them to install software (for
which we must show proof of license).  No problem. The process for this is first
come first served.  I have gotten software installed on all thirty computers in
the lab by the IT people within a week.  

From what I am reading in the threads, I guess we're lucky.

Continue your good work.   It was nice to see you at the CMC math conference in
the fall.   CUE is in Palm Springs next week.   Wish you could be there to share
your expertise in one of the sessions.  


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