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Topic: realities in school?

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Subject:   RE: realities in school?
Author: Cathi
Date: Mar 13 2004
I personally prefer software that I can install myself, which I can only do if
it is very easy to install! But if the software requires a "techie" to install
it, I'm fortunate in that our school has wonderful tech support, and they will
do it for us - either on our classroom computer or in the computer lab.

This might be on a slightly different topic, but I have a personal opinion about
software, and computers in general. I like software that lets me do things much
more than software that does things for me. What I mean by this, is, for
example: The Geometer's Sketchpad lets me experiment with geometric figures and
discover their properties; it does not tell me or even show me. Graphics
software lets me create artwork, it does not show me other people's artwork.

Computers can let us experiment, play, discover and create. That is what I like

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