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Topic: Non-parametric statistics
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Subject:   RE: Non-parametric statistics
Author: Swizerland
Date: Mar 22 2004
Think you for your answer Sione.

In fact, my problem is to know if two samples are comparable. As far as I am
concern, I work on the meta-analyses on individual data. As I don't have
randomization lists, I only have the lists of the treatments assigned to the
patients and I dont't have any information on the manner which the randomization
list is done.

For that, I decided to assimilate the lists that I have with distributions of
pseudo-random numbers. And I propose to apply tests like the autocorrélation
test, the runs test, the poker test, the frequency test and the gap test (tests
of uniformity and independance).

Untill now, I used the R language for the kolmogorov-smirnov test.

For that, I'll use the SAS System.

that seems very interesting what you do with java !

If that does not disturb you, can you send to me a version of the test of
kolmogorov-smirnov made with java?

Think you.

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