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Topic: Scatterplot tool and teaching regression
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Subject:   Scatterplot tool and teaching regression
Author: Julee
Date: Mar 29 2004

As a person who taught high school statistics for five years, I am very excited
about this tool, particularly from an exploratory standpoint.  When we have
discussed regression, we taked about what values the linear correlation
coefficient (r) could have and how that relates to the data.  With this tool,
students can discover for themselves the different values for r and what
calculations of r make sense for various graphs.  Further they can see how the
regression line relatates to data graphically.  The results of the tedious
calculations usually done in a statistics class are all displayed
instantaneously with the addition of any point.  Also, because the pointer lists
the location of a point, predictions can be made from the regression line simply
by moving the mouse.    

One can also use this tool to explore the effects of outliers on data and how
the effects change depending on the overall number of data points. The user can
utilize the tools ability to move points and to delets them with the push of a
button and the click of a mouse to do such explorations.  

I do wish that one had the ability to put the x-axis and y-axis on the graph
so that it looks more like a student would expect the graph to look when looking
closely at the equation of the regression line.  

Oerall this tool is very versitile and will aid many explorations.


Is there a different tool where students can practice placing the regression
line for themselves?

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