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Topic: GPS vs. TI

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Subject:   RE: GSP vs. Cabri vs. TI Apps -- opinions?
Author: Jean-Jacques
Date: Mar 31 2004
Hi Suzanne
I am Jean-Jacques Dahan responsable of the group of research of the IREM of
Toulouse and also Teacher in a french highschool. I have waited a long time
before replying your questions. I have read the answers you got about GSP and
expected that somebody would give you some objective information about dynamic
geometry softwares.
I am convinced that there is only one dynamic geometry software to practice Math
at all levels: Cabri. Why that?
I will not give you didactical reasons but only objective reasons:
First I am using it from 1995 with students with the TI92: they were so involved
in this using that I have written a ludic book called "an introduction to
geaometry with the tI 92"; what is possible to do with Cabri cannot be donne
with other software" because of the conception of Cabri which is the closest one
to mathematical thinking.
When I do not use cabri on my laptop with a videoprojector in my classroom I use
very easily Cabri on the TI92 or the voyage 200 and a viewscreen.
Now it is possible to use Cabrijunior which is free on the TI83 and it is
wonderful what is possible to do with it; I am writing a book about the use of
Cabrijunior at all levels to practice math and not only geometry with it. If you
are interested I can send you the 2 first chapters to begin. One of your
colleague from Ohio had appreciated this work a lot.
I can tell you also that I am working from a long time in my group of research
on the possibilities of Cabri to teach all parts of Mathematics topics
I use to attend the T3 conference every year until 5 years. This year at New
Orleans I have shown how to use cabri for representing curves of numeric
functions, parametric and polar functiongs, random functions for statistics
'distributions of samples).
Before I have shown how to represent space geometry in several perspective, how
to introduce derivative and antiderivative functions and so on very easily.
At a lower level similar triangles, the pythagor theorem and so on.
There are in Cabri very special tools that makes it very different from the othe
softwares and more powerful such as locus, locus of locus, redefine object edit
and expression and apply and expression, animation and above all
There are also wonderful websites where you can extract the files you are
interested in.
Cabri is known all around the world and used in all level. It will continue more
and more with Cabri in a graphic calculator.
Cabri is so powerful that we will have the third Cabriworld congress which will
take place in Rome Italy next september after Sao paulo and Montreal
Hope my english was not too awful and hope that now you would want to use Cabri
to practice really math.
Best regards et très amicalement
Jean-Jacques Dahan

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