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Topic: Frustrations

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Subject:   RE: Frustrations
Author: jon
Date: Apr 7 2004
First off, I didn't even know that sketchpad could create 3-d graphs, that's
pretty impressive.

(i can imagine how javasketchpad could be a wonderful teaching tool, have you
used that a lot in your own classroom, and how long does it take to create
something like that volume of a cone applet?)

As far as the Japanese sites go, my qualms really dealt with how it might be
presented.  The structure of the applets seemed to be 1.) Challenging situation
2.) Background information 3.) Proof or activity explaining (1.).  Now, I would
LOVE to teach like this, and I'm glad to hear that your students are getting
something out of this, rather than rotely learning the material.  But, as I am
still a pre-service teacher, how might I ask do you get your students to WANT
to explore such interesting situations rather than be taught procedures.  This
is really the heart of the Japanese ethos or philosophy on education, that the
students are trained to explore and in doing so, learn how to apply the


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