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Topic: Scatterplot tool and teaching regression
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Subject:   RE: Scatterplot tool and teaching regression
Author: Craig
Date: Apr 7 2004
I haven't tried to put it into JavaSketchpad, but I have a Geometer's Sketchpad
scatterplot tool that is wonderful for teaching regression.  Students move a
line up or down and adjust its slope; they can judge "quality" of fit by using
minimum absolute error, minimum squared error (where the errors are actually
little squares that grow or shrink as the line moves), or minimum perpendicular
distance.  It is also fairly easy to make a spreadsheet macro, with sliders, to
allow students to "adjust" the line and see the various measures.  I usually
have students work through spreadsheet commands (instead of providing
pre-written macros) because I want them to become comfortable with

Neither the Sketchpad file nor the spreadsheet file is adapted for web access; I
have students work on the sketchpad file from networked computers, and they
essentially build the spreadsheet file themselves.  If it might be useful, I
could submit either file (or both) for MathTools use...

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