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Topic: Numberline Basic
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Subject:   RE: Numberline Basic
Author: Suzanne S.
Date: Apr 17 2004
On Apr 17, 2004, Jeanette E. Horng wrote:  

This tool can help students with visualizing addition and subtraction with the
numberline.  It is really basic and can introduce the topic of numberlines.

Are students supposed to play with a tool like this, or is it better that the
teacher basically shows this to the class?  Personally, after a couple of tries,
I felt a little bored and wasn't sure where else to go with it.  It could help
in discovery of different ideas with numbers, but students would really need a
guide to help them out.

What do you all think?


To all, Re: Number line basic.
Multisensory,tactile,visual memory,left/right movement & direction all
contribute to number sence. Knowledge of how to use a # line are on most State
standardized Elem.tests.

Playing with the Number Line is of course a great way too encourage number sence
and confidence.
Pre-k Level,Using wooden blocks.
Materials: 1 cylinder block, + 20 square or rectangle blocks of the same size.
Paper + Markers/crayons.

Small figure to represent the mole.

Make beleive theme: the mole goes in & out of the (cylinder block) mole hole; it
equals the  # 0 on the # line.

Children at this age should relate to the concept that when the mole is under
ground, #'s have a different
meaning. Basic concept: under ='s less and over ='s more.
Objective: Introduce less & more, reinforce under & over. Begin concept of 0 as
a center point on the # line.

1.Chn/ make 10 green plus 10 red number cards #1- 10.
2. Tape their #'s on to same size blocks, use a cylinder block to denote
(0)center of # line.
3. Chn/ build a number line w/ blocks.Red #s left & green#'s on right side of
cylinder block.
4. Chn/teacher make up story to move mole back & forth.
5. Teacher Models numer line concept.

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