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Topic: I take care neuralnetwork

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Subject:   RE: I take care neuralnetwork
Author: Sione
Date: Apr 25 2004
On Apr 24, 2004, hanh_pt wrote:

Hi everybody !
   Iam a student. Now, I want to find code neuralnetwork (Hopfield network) code
matlab.Iam working hard to find and to finish my exercise. If you can, please
send to me and specail I want to discuss with you. Send me to :
 Thanks !


Which tertiary institution are you enrolling at? Are you a  computer science
student or physics or engineering student? If you are a physics or engineering
(electrical & electronics) then you should not be looking for Hopfield neural
network matlab codes because it is already available in the Neural Network
Toolbox for MatLab. All Physics & Electrical Engineering faculties of
universities & polytechnic around the world MUST have MATLAB in their computer
laboratory, which is certain to have Neural Network Toolbox installed. MATLAB is
the standard simulations tool used by scientists & engineers in tertiary
educations. It is popular in industries around the world too, as researchers at
NASA (JPL & AMES), US Defense Department, Sandia National Lab, Los Alamos, and
many many more government & private sectors use MatLab for design simulation. If
you are a computer science student, then I believe that such department do not
usually license MatLab as a tool for simulations. You must ask your tutor of how
to get access MatLab in you computer lab about Neural Network Toolbox.


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