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Topic: Set Operations
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Subject:   Set Operations
Author: Chris Koeppen
Date: Apr 28 2004
I think something in math alot of teachers forget is that hands-on and visual
experience with mathematical concepts go along way in aiding not only students
learn specific content but in helping teachers teach difficult and abstract
material. A tool that I found, that many may not know about is the Venn Diagram
Set operations are placed into visual form and operations such as intersections,
unions, and subsets are drastically made more clear for students using this
tool. While no actual implimentation in the classroom has been made on my part,
I feel this tool would be very useful in teaching set operations. I am only a
pre-service teacher though, and would love feedback from more experienced
teachers if I am in fact correct or totally off track in my thoughts.


Chris Koeppen

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