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Topic: Ellipses
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Subject:   RE: Ellipses
Author: Susan
Date: Apr 28 2004
Here are some other resources that I really like on ellipses that drive the idea
of foci home:
This one is trickier to get the URL to work, but eventually it will, if you play
around with it.  It's an elliptical pool applet, and you shoot balls.  Go to the
page below.  Patiently wait for the whole page to turn to a black background,
including the navigation bar on the left.  When the navigation bar has a black
background, choose NEW TOOLS, then wait again for the bar to turn to a black
background, and choose ELLIPTICAL POOL. That should work!

On Apr 25, 2004, Jeanette E. Horng wrote:  

I'm working on making a lesson plan using Geometer's Sketchpad for ellipses.
So, I was just looking around to see what types of tools were out there; I
stumbled upon this one.

I think I've seen sights that were similar to this one, where there was a proof
preceding a picture where we could manipulate and discover certain things about
the ellipse.  I like the fact that you can see the beams "shoot" from a focus to
the other.  

Though I'm not sure if this will fit into my lesson, it's a manipulative I can
consider using in the future.


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Post a new topic to the tool: Reflective Properties of Ellipses discussion
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