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Topic: a certain lack of robustness...
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Subject:   RE: a certain lack of robustness...
Author: Susan
Date: May 2 2004
You are right, some of the applets look like someone wrote them for a specific
purpose, but there are others that I have used with my high school students in a
lab situation.  Suzanne Alejandre created a webpage of the worksheet that I used
with the ies polygon creator.
The link to the IES website is on the worksheet.  It gave many students an
alternate approach to working with angles of polygons, and for some, the
technology worked better than anything we had done in class.  I hope this will
Susan Socha

On May 02, 2004, Kilroy wrote:

A couple of weeks ago, there was a brief discussion of the sort of applets at I had no idea what was being discussed. Now I do.

Here's two samples, which would largely garner the same comments from me as they
did from what I remember of the posts. There isn't any _play_ in these examples;
their purpose is to illustrate a point being made elsewhere. Taken on their own
and out of context, there's not a whole lot to be learned here. Taken in
context... I'm not sure. I'd have to see the lesson materials that accompany
these "tools."

I feel like I'm reading one part of another teacher's lesson plan.

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