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Topic: Graph Sketcher
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Subject:   RE: Graph Sketcher
Author: Alan Cooper
Date: May 5 2004
You are right that in many ways a tool such as this duplicates the function of a
graphing calculator, and that one of the main advantages of having it on the web
is the ability to integrate it with supporting activities and discussions. (One
has to be careful not to trust everything one reads though. In one of the
support pages attached to this tool's website the terms "concave up" and
"concave down" have been defined opposite to what they really mean.)

Other reasons for preferring a web-based tool might be the larger screen size,
the flexibility of using a full-sized keyboard for input, and the possibility
of using more gestural  controls  for interaction
(as in this one
and this one

And unlike a calculator which is for many a substantial investment, these are
free, so if you need a feature that is not in the one you are using it is easy
to switch.

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