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Topic: Thoughts on use of tools
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Subject:   RE: Thoughts on use of tools
Author: Bethany Hudnutt
Date: May 10 2004
Interesting discussion, hope you don't mind if I chime in...

I think that both the understanding of concepts and the knowledge of basic facts
are important - one without the other is meaningless.  If I don't have my
multiplication tables memorized then what good does it do me to understand the
concept of multiplication?  If I don't memorize vocabulary words how can I
communicate effectively?

I have always said I went into mathematics becasue there is very little I have
to memorize (most of it can be derived including multiplication) but if I always
need to go back and construct my multiplication that becomes a HUGE hinderance
when computing / estimating more complex problems.

So I think either use for technology based tools is appropriate.  However, I
think in the past when technology enhanced learning first began, many people,
including the software creators missed seeing the wonderous world of using
computers for modeling/visualizatn/exploration and got stuck on drill.  So now
its our job to help educators understand the wealth of other types of
opportunities out there for technology based tools.


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