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Topic: Histogram Tool
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Subject:   Histogram Tool
Author: Julee
Date: May 10 2004

I was hoping to use this tool for a lesson using a fairly large amount of data.
I am very impressed by the ability to easily change the bar width and that
several values are automatically calculated.  I also appreciate being able to
toggle between a histogram and a box plot so easily.  

I do have a problem with the data entry.  I am very disappointed that I must
type each piece of data in individually.  At that rate, it is faster just to
mess around with the data in excel rather than type each piece in one by one.

I was also exploring the histogram and found that the width of the bars does not
seem to be consistant.  I had hoped to use this as an exploratory tool to help
students decide how to calculate the starting and ending points for the bars but
I will not after making this discovery.  

Does anyone know of a similar tool where I can paste my data from elsewhere?

Julee Lee

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