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Topic: Histogram Tool
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Subject:   RE: Histogram Tool
Author: Craig
Date: May 11 2004
Dear Julee,

You might try the "statcrunch" java applet, at , which DOES
allow pasting of data from Excel or other sources.  You have to register to use
the site, but it is free.  The program is actually quite a good statistical
package--it has many of the features of Minitab, especially features that are
useful at beginning levels of statistics.

Excel's histograms are pretty bad; you can "build your own" using countif and
other commands, but adjusting bin widths is not easy.  The histogram built into
the TI-83 series of calculators is actually quite a good one--very easy to
adjust bin width (simply change XSCL under the WINDOW menu).

Good luck.

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