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Topic: Thoughts on use of tools
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Subject:   RE: Thoughts on use of tools
Author: Melissa Running
Date: May 27 2004
On May 04, 2004, Susan wrote:

I agree that Flash cards are not the best use of technology, but they do help.
If you use and make flash cards, and/or have the students play
concentration, they can practice without getting too bored.  I like the guided
practice that is offered at
I threw in one about FOIL, since Jon's last post was about FOIL, although these
problems are a little difficult for the average Algebra I student.  The nice
thing about this applet is the feedback, so that a student can practice, get
feedback and move on.  Be sure to scroll to the bottom to see the applet.
Thanks for starting this discussion

Hi Susan and others,

If you'd like to discuss this particular applet further, it's now on a page of
its own in the Math Tools library:

--Melissa Running
Internet Resource Librarian

the Math Forum @ Drexel

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Post a new topic to the tool: Flash Card applet discussion
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