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Topic: JavaScript Question

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Subject:   JavaScript Question
Author: tackweed
Date: May 29 2004
In my unfinished script -
I have a question about what may be a peculiarity of JavaScript - or am I doing
something wrong..

the current source code - about line 21 (below)

// Mathod 1 - Grouping
display=display+"<b>Method 1 - Grouping</b><br>";
display=display+"Divide "+dvdnd+ " by "+ div + " or how many groups of "+div+"
are there in "+dvdnd+"?<br>";
loop1=parseInt(dvdnd/div);// total loops
checkloop=dvdnd/3925;// tells how many sets needed**
looper=parseInt(loop1/(dvdnd/3925));//size of loops
quotient=0;//Start the count
// for some reason 3900 items seems to be a max
var pic="";

**the program sets out the counters for the number of ticks in a divisor group.
For some reason there is a limit to the number of ticks which can be displayed
(hence the code above) The number is in the range of 3925+  Without the code
change above, and a dividend larger than 3925, the tics will stop appearing on
the screen.

Unfortunately the current fix creates a gap in the visual data - while hardly
serious - it looks odd at times. ( for example, enter the problem Divide 7865 by
26   after the 150th group of 26, there is a break in the display (due to the
loops ) Without the loop, the data would stop displaying after approximately
3925+ marks - no error message - answers correct - no more to this part of the

Please understand the remainder of the script - especially part 4 is incomplete
but if anyone has any suggestions on how to make the display for the 'method 1'
part work for larger numbers without creating counting loops I would like to


Jeff LeMieux

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