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Topic: need help in uwb simulation
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Subject:   RE: need help in uwb simulation
Author: Sione
Date: Jun 3 2004
On Jun 02, 2004, Gayatri wrote:

i am doing simulation in matlab for uwb time hopping.
i generated the monopulse,pulse train and introduced random codes.i am confused
about how to introduce modulation in that.if anyone has idea about this,kindly


First, I think you should subscribe to MatLab newsgroup, where they discuss
coding issues relating to MatLab.

Second, do you have MatLab software and what version?

Third, if you do have MatLab aren’t they come with SIMULINK, Digital Control,
Digital Signal Processing, and Symbolic Math toolboxes. Student versions come
with these toolboxes bundled together in MatLab. The only restriction in student
version is that you can only do calculations with matrices upto [128 x 128]
maximum size of rows by columns and apart from that restrictions, the
functionality is the same as professional versions used by scientists at NASA,
Physics Department, Maths Department or Engineering schools of Universities.

Fourth, I assume that you do have MatLab with SIMULINK,
then use the drag & drop summer block that sums two or more signals from
different sources (digital or continuous), then feed this (connecting) into a
modulation carrier block. You can demodulate your signal by dragging a demux
block (de-multiplexing) and add it at the end as your final flow to the

Last, introduce your MatLab codes here and I will see if I can help. I won't
guarantee, that I will definitely know how to solve your problem.

The description I explained in previous paragraphs is some examples that are
found in the Simulink toolbox, which comes with the student version. I cannot
understand why you want to hand-code your model instead you can design your
model using simulink block diagram and then MatLab will generate the model's
code for you.

If you do not have MatLab as a personal copy, then use the MatLab that is
installed in the lab of your Physics, Maths or Engineering Faculties. You should
go and ask your lecturer for initial help first. Type “demo” and the matlab
command and navigate to demos in section for feedback control systems design and
digital signal processing demos. Open some of these demos and see what blocks
that you need to build your MODEM ( MOdulation & DEModulation) models.

I do own an industrial copy of MatLab but I hardly use Simulink. Occasionally, I
use it for testing the compatibility of the MatLab output and my Java codes.


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