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Topic: Graph Sketcher
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Subject:   RE: Graph Sketcher
Author: OklaMathman
Date: Jun 4 2004
I have worked with this particular application software and found it easy to
use. But when working with a classroom of students would I rather have 3-4 of
them per terminal, as it would be in the lab I have available to me or would I
rather have them use their individual graphing calcultors? Plus I can several of
them working on different equations or graphs and then ask for comparisions with
their neighbors graphs. There are lots of applets that I find very useful at
Math Tools but this is not one of them that I will use alot. As far as
vocabulary goes I have tried several methods with my Algebra II students one of
the best and a bit entertaining is called polynomial aerobics. I call out a term
such as concave up and the students should with their arms what the term
I did like the verbal descriptions that came with this software but not enough
to use it instead of graphing calculators.

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