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Topic: Graph Sketcher
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Subject:   RE: Graph Sketcher
Author: tackweed
Date: Jun 6 2004
While I have not used this specific tool in the classroom, I am an advocate for
using the computer over the graphing calculator - especially in the middle
school level. Some of the pragmatic reasons are size, color, and no

A variation of this program from the same source
( ) has proven very useful,
especially with the Connected Math program.  

2D/3D function plotter v2.2, a JavaScript by Patrick Dostert
( - or do a search using the title) allows for some
different size plots and generally loads faster for those of us at the mercy of
slow phone lines. This is one I provide for students to use on their homework

My personal preference is for a stand-alone program called WinPlot
( )
Which allows for multiple plots in different colors and duplicates all the
apparent functions of the graphing calculator including tables.  This
application is free - and has a network version. I have had this installed in
out media center lab to allow each student the opportunity to do their own

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