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Topic: palm OS vs TI84

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Subject:   RE: palm OS vs TI84
Author: Anon
Date: Jun 17 2004

Even though these devices are visually similar in terms of physical size and
screen dimensions, the devices are very distinct in terms of a number of
relevant design issues related to school-based use.  A colleague and I discuss
these differences in a paper you can download from this URL.

Basically a Palm is an "all-things-to-all-people" device which we
describe as reflecting "horizontal" design.  The TI-84 is a tightly focused or
"vertical" device where, in this case, that primary purpose is learning/teaching
algebra.  In our article we attempt to present a balanced comparison of these
two kinds of devices relative to 12 design critieria related to school-focused
use.  In your case, cost and support specifically related to teaching algebra I
& II (TI has a substantial teacher support organization, T^3) might be
particularly relevant considerations.

I had your message forwarded to me from someone on the list.  I think I managed
to sign-up to be able to receive your responses (but not to receive all the
postings).  For SPAM related reasons I'm hesitant to post my email to a list but
my email can be found in the university directory at

All the Best,

--Walter Stroup
The Univ. of Texas at Austin

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