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Topic: Explains nothing. . .
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Subject:   RE: Explains nothing. . .
Author: SteveW
Date: Jul 15 2004
Interesting to compare this to the more explanatory flash/java presentations of
Larry Husch:

Both have their uses, but for me, I am more interested in the Heath applet and
the ability to explore the concept. I found myself wishing there was a display
summing the segment lengths and perhaps another comparing with the definite
integral result. I would also like to be able to define functions to try.

This might provide decent opportunities to think about the Mean Value Theorem,
limits, and "old" methods vs. those of calculus.

-- steve

On Jul 12 2004, tpowers wrote:
> This applet has a certain "ooh-aah" factor, but I sense a certain
> weakness in its explanation of the topic; i.e., there's nothing to
> which the student can refer.  It assumes you already know what is
> going on, but once you already know that, what is the point of the
> applet?

On Jul 12 2004, Alan Cooper wrote:
> Well, it doesn't claim to be a lesson.
> But it could be used either
> as an illustration during a lecture or with some instructions as
> part of a lab activity.

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