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Topic: Math formulas in pure HTML

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Subject:   RE: Math formulas in pure HTML
Author: PiRSquared
Date: Jul 17 2004
Thanks for the resource.  I work for MathOnline at .
We are looking for a method for students to input their mathematics questions in
such a way that we interpret the problems in the exact way the student intends
for us to interpret them.  Yours is a very useful tool and I have added it to my
favorites.  You are correct when you state the examples explain themselves.
There were some options which I had to experiment with in order to determine
what they did such as vertical alignment pull-down menu but it was fun to
learn some Italian.  I am very impressed with your work.  Thank you.

On Nov 16 2003, polarprof wrote:
> Have you had any trouble inserting math formulas in your web pages?
> I too. I experimented with images, applets and MathML. Eventually I
> found the simplest way is HTML with CSS.
If you want to experiment
> this, go at this address:

You have to write
> your formula in line in the textbox Formula, then you press CREA
> HTML button, and in the central textarea you'll see the HTML code,
> and below it the formula as it will appear on your page. Pressing
> COPIA HTML button you copy the HTML code in the Windows clipboard,
> and then you can paste it into your web page (at the source level).
> The instructions are mainly in italian, but I think it's not
> difficult to understand the thing. If someone is interested I could
> translate them to English.
The syntax you should use to write the
> formula is described in this page:
where the examples
> are self-explicating.
If someone tries it, I would appreciate
> suggestions, complains, etc.

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