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Topic: Tool: Polynomial Fitting
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Subject:   RE: Tool: Polynomial Fitting
Author: Alan Cooper
Date: Jul 23 2004
On Mar  6 2004, Steve wrote:
> ...I am curious as to why the program limits itself to a
> polynomial of degree (n-2), where n is the number of data points...

I believe that the purpose of the applet is just to illustrate approximate
fitting (by least squares) when an exact fit is not possible, and since degree
n-2 gives an exact fit, the limit has been set at n-1. This intent might
have been more clearly stated perhaps, and it might have been paedagogically
useful to also allow the user to set higher degrees and see the exact fit. I
would also like to see more explanation of the "error bounds" as in fact I have
no idea what they are supposed to represent.


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