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Topic: Mathematical maturity and lower-order knowledge & skills

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Subject:   RE: Math maturity graph
Author: moursund
Date: Aug 4 2004
As I have suggested, I think it will prove helpful to have a graphical or
pictorial representation of both math maturity in general, and for a particular

However, from what I am learning by reading and by talking to people, math
maturity is difficult to measure in a quantitative manner. For example, suppose
we are talking about math creativity. We can see this creativity from time to
time even in quite young students—for exmaple, students doing creative things
with pattern blocks or with cubes in respesenting and solving problems. Logo
certainly helps to identify young students who have a certain type of creativity
in representing and solving problems in this programming environment.

I'd be interesting in hearning of examples in which you have seen students
display math creativity.

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