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Topic: Your Favorite Tools

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Subject:   RE: Favorite Tools
Author: Alan Cooper
Date: Aug 6 2004
On Aug  6 2004, Don Link wrote:
> ...Do you know if they are cataloged on the MathTools site?

My own is, and you can find it by searching the Catalog for 'Graph Explorer',
but I am not sure about the others. Except for the MIT cross product they don't
show up in what I would guess as the most natural categories, but my idea of
what's natural might not be shared by others.

Over the past year I have wasted a lot of time adding features to my own
resource site, apparently in parallel to what has been going on on a much larger
scale here at the MathForum. One thing I have done which may be worth
considering here is a "browser button" for making it easy for users to submit
new items - and also to check by url for whether an item is included.

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