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Topic: Your Favorite Tools

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Subject:   RE: Your Favorite Tools
Author: tpowers
Date: Aug 9 2004
Here are my favorite Algebra II tools.  They're all in MathTools, so I'll just
give the links to the associated MT pages.  Some of these are best for students
who are interested in mathematics as a science rather than as a tool, so the
tools might not have universal interest in a classroom.  Still, I think they are
pretty good.

A well-played introduction to fractals:

Elliptical pool table (great way to discover conic sections):

Good writing skills, and comprehensive to boot — intro to quadratics:

To quote Andy B, "Physics is Phun!":

Clears up some questions on conic sections:

Straight talk on complex numbers and definition of multiplication:

Straight talk on fractals:

For all of you who were wondering what a Mandelbrot set was:

Pretty nice foreshadowing of calculus (rate of change proportional to time):

Ok, this one does not have to do with Algebra II, but it's such a blast.  Mental
math competition (I'm "cybergnu" on there):

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