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Topic: Calculus Made Easy help
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Subject:   Calculus Made Easy help
Author: Hobgoblin Steve
Date: May 6 2011
So a few things Ive been having difficulty with with this program is either
entering the right inputs or finding the right tool. For example, for the
Determine whether the integral is convergent or divergent. Evaluate the integral
if convergent
Integral (from 0 to infinity) of 2/(x+2)^3
I cant find the right place to put enter this. All of the series tests wont
accept integrals from what Ive seen.

other examples are: Find the area of the region enclosed by the graphs of:
y = 3 - x^2 and  y = -2x

CME will give 32/3 which is the right answer, but with no steps

Find the volume of the solid found by revolving about the x-axis. The region
is bounded by the
graphs of:  a. y = x^2 -9  and  y = 0

answer completely different than wolfram alpha/answer sheet again with no

Please help if you know how to enter these properly :(

Thanks very much,

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